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    Where are they ?

    Where are the winteries ? 2 trips in the past 3 days, first was from bramble bay over towards the old compass buoy area, today the pelican and banana banks, fresh bloodworms and squid strips for 2 small fish.Water temp ? Other side of a new moon ? Usually plenty this time of the year and I mostly get my bag.

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Good question, up here the luderick fishermen start late May but haven't seen them operating yet. Even the commercial mullet netters are struggling as they are just not here. Funnily enough about 6 weeks ago we were getting our SP chewed by 3" tailor in the Passage but even they are scarce on the beaches.

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Giveitacrack if your a die hard fisho look into keeping a fishermans almanic diary, there have been days where i have xaught a donut and lots of them than there are days 4 of us boat over 100 king fish over 2-3 hours

    If i had an almanic book would have been handy

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Thanks Gazza, I am one of the great lazy bastards but I generally take a photo of my decent catches which timestamps it then I look at the tides and moon for that time and work backwards. This approx time last year was a cracker for Snapper and Winteries. One little part of the bay has fired this year that has not for over 8 yrs for Snaps...

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    Re: Where are they ?

    I've just started seeing bins of mullet leaving bribe island very late this year,have not heard of any mega bream catches either,but very unusual for there not to be any large numbers of winter whitening not being caught,water tempts have been warmer for later so this cold snap might help things.

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    Re: Where are they ?

    I am going to take a punt and say it will be a late season for the bay this year, water temps out there still very much above average for this time of year and thinking that at least has something to do with it..

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    Re: Where are they ?

    As a follow up I went out again today and after a quick sunrise plastics fish for 2 legal squire in the Peel shallows (both in the first 10 min) I fished the Naval Reserve, Chain and Hope banks for not one whiting.Not even a bite.Water still too warm I reckon at 20-21?
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    Re: Where are they ?

    A mate of mine bagged out in a couple of hours at the Sandhills last Thursday.... on squid.

    I got bugger all on Wednesday fishing small ships and jist about everywhere else in the Rous. But we did see one guy catching quite a few - looked closely and he was using yabbies. Nobody else catching any.
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    Re: Where are they ?

    Were the squid arrows or tigers grant. I haven't found any big arrow yet.

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Quote Originally Posted by tropicrows View Post
    Were the squid arrows or tigers grant. I haven't found any big arrow yet.

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    Bruce, there were some big tigers around the 5lb mark at the Gneerings a couple of weeks ago, seem to have tapered off though.
    Was hoping to have hit the arrows and tigers st Hervey Bay in the last few month's but my shoulders soon put a stop to that.

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Caught These winter whiting couple hours Sunday just gone &

    give a hint between the rouse channel to Moreton island Click image for larger version. 

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    All caught on cut up squid strips

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    Re: Where are they ?

    Good to see you found them mate.Always a good area....

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