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    360 degree imaging.

    Looking for some advice/tips, please.

    Just bought a 2nd hand H'Bird 360 sounder installation and fitted to back step on my boat. Yet to put wiring in. Its NOT the new mega 360. (Gen 2 Helix not compatible with new version).

    Intend to use it in Fitzroy River for times when the existing Helix has found some fish, I've returned to the marked position, spotlocked the electric and then can't see the bloody fish which I believed should be below me (or pretty close). At times, tidal run can be pretty fierce which makes it hard to "go to" marked positions.

    Then have to go sidescaning again to find them.

    So I intend to use a 360 from the marked position to see where exactly they are. That's the plan anyway.

    Won't be using it to find fish (initially anyway).

    This 360 model works in 455khz.

    So.......who on here has one, uses it and what tips/advice can you offer, please?

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    Re: 360 degree imaging.

    Got it on and up and running (I think).

    Can't find any fish in the garden so don't know how good it is.

    The head unit is saying all the right things so going to river next to see what happens.

    Heavy bloody thing so made sure the mounting was well braced.


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    Re: 360 degree imaging.

    Tried it out yesterday.

    All the bits seem to work OK and could see where fish were in relation to the nose of the boat.

    Now got to learn how to decipher it refine the settings for what its picking up.

    Saw 1 standout target at a bit of structure in 4m of water in the town reach of the river. Couldn't work out what it was so switched to side scan for better view.

    An enormous barramundi. It was a big one and well up with the biggest I've come across.

    It was a lesson to me that sometimes our expectations on what we might see, cause us some uncertainty in trying to identify what we are looking at.

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