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Thread: No More Etecs

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    Re: No More Etecs

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Honda still has there followers almost every asian (nothing against asians my niece and nephews are asian) boat fisherman has a bit of silver bling on the back be it a 1998 or 2020 i think they were onto a good thing i reckon honda is playing it safe they know they have reliability and they own theee portion of the market with users and there engines are just minor changes to car engines

    Where its harder for mercury, evinrude etc... they dont share that engine with other products so much more money invested in moulds and machinery that can sink them

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    True, but "followers" is not enough to keep a global market viable, Evinrude had lots of die hard followers, but, it's simply not enough.

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    Re: No More Etecs

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    Honda car dealers are certainly few and far between these days, maybe once again it's a case of simply being good is not enough, do people (say) buy a cheap Kia or jump up to a BMW/Mercedes, leaving the middle tier quality like Honda out in the cold? I really don't know, but I hope they stay in outboards, take this for what it's worth, I have no idea, or haven't heard anything, it was just a random observation.
    Back before the GFC Honda were known to be a real adopter of technology The kind of stuff being developed for the prestige Euro brands by the likes of Bosch - today that technology bypasses Japan & goes straight to Korea .
    Your observations seem spot on & it's why the likes of Kia have increased market share in a declining market.

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    Re: No More Etecs

    If u blow a honda u can go to pick'n payless $2 entry take you're pick of honda cars and pull out a new short engine for a few hundred bux

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    Re: No More Etecs

    The car engines are not the same, outboards are "based" on certain car engines.

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    Re: No More Etecs

    Yeah the basic blocks will be the same im sure civic, prelude, jazz etc..

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