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    Re: 1770 Meet and Greet 2020 Sept 4-Sept12 2020

    Well looks like my missus and me might be joining you guys up there, we had to cancel our Victorian snow trip last night due to the new covid restrictions, so now to do the logistics to get up there with finding accommodation, getting the boat and gear ready ect. will also have to see if the missus can change her work leave as well.


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    Re: 1770 Meet and Greet 2020 Sept 4-Sept12 2020

    So looks like my Missus and I are going to go up as well, just booked a rental house so need to get the boat ready and we will be there late evening on the 4th Sept.

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    Re: 1770 Meet and Greet 2020 Sept 4-Sept12 2020

    Unfortunately I have pulled the pin, cancelled annual leave and cancelled the accommodation.
    Enjoy fellas

    Quote Originally Posted by Almako View Post
    Ok i'm going to put this out there and see what happens. Recently I got confirmation that of the 3 crew I had lined up each and everyone of them have bailed on this years trip. 2 fellas lost there jobs due to COVID, one of them is back working but can't get leave, and the last one was always tentative and fell through. I've been contemplating a solo trip to Gladstone to head out and around Curtis island and head up to the Keppels. Something similar to 500miles from Gladstone to Mackay DVD by Johnny Mitchel but logistically I'm not sure how to do it.

    So I'm asking if there is two keen fishos (preferably experienced so won't get sick) who would like to join me on the 1770 trip?
    I have booked a large house with 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms and has a fantastic view, have a reasonable boat ready for the trip (a Cruisecraft 625 Explorer in good condition)
    Have already done the wheel bearings and prep work on the boat, have already brought the mullet bait just need a crew.
    Preferably you would enjoy a beer but not an alcoholic lol and preferably non smoker whilst on the boat.
    Would be looking to go thirds in all costs, boat fuel, bait, ice for the eskies, food in the house/lunches etc and accommodation.
    Between 3 it's pretty cheap and from memory I think $1k would easily cover your share, but would be fairly split on what we spend.

    If you are keen send me a private message and i'll give you a call.
    Cheers Alistair

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