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Thread: Castnet

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    Am looking for advice on double diamond cast nets.

    Mate had one and its been lost. He claims it was the best he ever had and wants to buy a replacement. He says that he couldn't find any info.

    I thought that if he thought it was ok then I should have a look at one as well.

    It turns out that double-diamond seems to be mesh material rather than a brand name. (I'm learning).

    I've found a little bit of info but not a lot.

    Anybody got any views on double diamond castnets, please?

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    Re: Castnet

    Your a X Barra pro and you no nothing about the double diamond brand very weird.

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    Re: Castnet

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    Your a X Barra pro and you no nothing about the double diamond brand very weird.
    is that really necessary?
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    Re: Castnet

    Thanks for that Phill.

    Have you used double diamond mesh nets? Trying to get a handle on why DD mesh is considered favourably.

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    Re: Castnet

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronje1 View Post
    Thanks for that Phill.

    Have you used double diamond mesh nets? Trying to get a handle on why DD mesh is considered favourably.
    Nope. I rarely use a cast net.

    I do however, partake of some " prawning " situations down Moreton Bay and Jacobs Well, These are dedicated prawn nets though....

    My bait gathering net is a ? BCF special or something like that ?

    maybe try these guys

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    Re: Castnet

    Ronje1 , used to make my own castnets and making your own is fun and you have one a tad stronger as you would possibly get buying one from Daves Castnets i would adavise maybe buying a Cheaper Mono version one from BCF or simmillar Store (Anaconda , Freddys or such ) and at a length you can easilly manage to start off with .
    Next you will have to suss out what you wish to chase mostly with your castnet be it Prawns or just Bait like Mullet or Greenback Herring .
    Bottom Pocket , Top n Bottom Pocket or Drawstring ??.
    I have one of each in ten foot drop and find all easy to cast depending whether you wish to cast off the shoulder or off the wrist and there are Yonks of Tutorials on how to cast a castnet on Youtube and may pay to watch a few to find your preference .
    casting off the shoulderis easy enough but gets a tad wet and messy and i prefer off the wrist , but each to their own..
    Dont think i have to tell you never to cast a castnet that your not familliar what the bottom has the meet up with your net as that can get quite exy dollarwise .
    Personal Built Nets akin to mentioned earleir will undoubtedly be much stronger and possibly ?? pancake a wee bit better but thats questionable too.
    Anyway your call , but just thought ide add my thoughts and return some of the advice yourve been giving helpfully...

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    Re: Castnet

    Thanks for that Volvo. Appreciate the advice.

    I've got cast nets and have had for years . Only use them for live bait purposes (mullet or prawns).

    14yr old grandson has been learning to throw to get bait and goes through mine pretty quickly.

    My mate was telling me about these double diamond nets being the best thing....etc...etc.

    So I thought I'll get a good one and keep it away from the grandson. Keep buying him cheapies to destroy until he gets better at it.

    Mate couldn't tell me much about the material used in the double diamond mesh manufacturing process or how that impacts on net quality and cost.

    Don't mind the cost of good equipment.

    So was looking for somebody who had one that could tell me about the pros and cons of double diamond mesh.

    Got a bit of info on galvanic action in boats (mostly quoted mistakenly as electrolysis) which I'll put up in a day or two that might help some members.


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    Re: Castnet

    Ron , do a google search on Daves Castnets.
    Sure you will get a telephone or email link you can then ask him whatever you wish about them.
    I have seen a couple of youtube vids of his castnets im sure and they do look the goods n doubt you would regret buying one.

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    Re: Castnet

    Thanks for the advice and info, guys.

    I had a good look through multi-filament mono stuff which is what these things are. Softer and a tad lighter.

    Looks like Dave is cutting back on the cast net building to only doing a few and then selling them on a first in/best dressed basis (not for me).

    Got a 8ft drop x 1" mesh one coming from elsewhere. Bottom pocket with lead weights.

    Need long and fast throws to catch up with these bloody elusive popeye mullet.

    Went out yesterday with c/net as fish at the moment here are live bait mad. Don't like lures. 50 km down river looking for king (plan A) and barra (plan B).

    Got plenty of l/bait and could only catch some blue threadies, flathead on l/bait. Big king probably after next full moon (mid June) when big banana prawns come into river.

    Back in town reach floating live mullet into the old railway lines and piers of remains of a wharf didn't work although could see them on sidescan in the old structure in the shallows but out of the tidal run.

    Put on a lure ( thready buster) and got hit by a 88cm barra 2nd cast. Go figure.

    Got smacked by another one but didn't hook up. They were all solid fish that we could see.

    We forgot that we can't catch barra in winter (or so we're told).

    Been 7-8 degree mornings here for a few days with water temp down to 19 degrees yesterday.


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    Re: Castnet

    Onya Ronje , like me . Like a good castnet but if its in the too hard basket the cheaper ones still do the job but have to watch where you cast them. Weve been chasing elbow slappers at present (Whiting ) not many but good size which make the eyes pop..
    As for those popeye mullet , they are in the too hard basket as well and you can keep em all up your neck o the woods lol..

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    Re: Castnet

    Got a double diamond job 8 filaments per line. So we'll see.

    Problem apparently is that the supplier of the double diamond multifilament stuff is wanting 10 months notice on orders from Aus distributor.

    For example, the Aus distributor needs to order 10 months in advance so no changing of orders. In addition, new orders to cater for changing customer requirements will take 12 months to re-gear ( eg supply 3/4" double diamond cast nets).

    Suppliers not sufficiently flexible to meet changes in the pre-made market.

    Don't be surprised to see new suppliers come on line to cater for distributor demands.

    Nothing wrong with whiting. Often wondered how I'd handle a 1m whiting. Closest thing to that would be a 1m bonefish I'd think. Never caught one of those but they're in the Keppel Bay waters. Inside of Fraser too I'd say.

    There are plenty of murray cod and big barra in the Emerald dam (Fairbairn Dam- Lake Maraboon).

    Miners stocked 82,000 in 80s and they've been breeding. Probably also escaped into the Fitzroy on overspills, I'd say.

    Murray cod not native to Fitzroy so no size/bag limits apply. Size/bag limits DO apply to Qld rivers flowing into top of the Murray Darling system though. I'm not a fan of MC or impoundment barra.

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    Re: Castnet

    Never done so in the past till lately but soaking your Mono castenets in clothes softener supposed to make em better to handle and cast ..

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    Re: Castnet

    Was talking to Daniel at Haverford's the other day about supply inflexibility. Their pre-made stuff is constructed in Philippines and that's where Haverford's are running into supply problems with those types of delays.

    Also saw that one of the Aus castnet makers said similar thing about supply of suitable DD mesh (might have been Davo). Whoever it was went out buying as much suitable mesh as he could to try to avoid the delays.

    soaking your Mono castenets in clothes softener supposed to make em better to handle and cast ..

    I've heard that and tried it out but didn't notice any resulting benefit. Maybe I'm just a lousy cast net thrower.

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    Re: Castnet

    Net arrived. 8ft drop x 1" mesh. $150.

    Feels softer than other nets I've got and lighter too.

    Can easily see the 8 separate filaments of mono.

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