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Thread: Ss75h or ss75m

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    Re: Ss75h or ss75m

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    Deeper than I would recommend it for and no doubt on the transom rather than shoot through hull but pretty impressive for a 600 watt transom mount regardless
    Mmm FB, haven't used it for a while, don't want to start again as its amazing the amount of crap I was getting has dropped right off, I then followed on by and have had even lesd, any other way to get this info.

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    Re: Ss75h or ss75m

    Don't think so Sam. Basically a video showing a fish return on the bottom in 500 meters. Not the best echo I've ever seen but fot a transdcuer that retails for about $160 it's hard to argue it's not great bang for buck. I find I stick to the special interest pages on FB in the main and don't seem to have too many issues.

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