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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    With all ive read so far Nuclear chicken colour in the barrages and use White or polar bear squidgies there your favourite and vides are the go ,im thinking that old Rod Harrison used rattling spot vibes for Barra when jesus was in nappies so your a bit behind in things.
    That's called history Chris and everybody is always behind history.

    The difference is that I reckon I now know the technical reasons WHY some things work after the work I've put in.

    So its pretty easy to sort out the fact from fiction and there's plenty of fiction in fishing theories.

    Nor do I have to attempt to find credibility by name association.

    The stuff like the mechanics of how bibs work to produce vibrations, how lures without bibs work to produce vibrations and how soft plastics work to produce vibrations are all pretty straight forward examples of hydrodynamics.

    The interesting part about the lure industry is the amount of emphasis placed in the role of colours in catching a barra when the barra's main tool in catching food is actually the lateral line. There must be a lot of
    money-making involved in painting lures for them to do that.

    There's very little information about lateral line attraction information available to a potential lure buyer apart from maybe "tight action" or a bit about body roll. Meaningless stuff if the buyer AND the lure maker have no idea on what effect it has on a barra's lateral line.

    However, there's a bewildering array of colours presented for that potential buyer from which to choose.

    And what knowledge base do they actually choose from? Myth, folklore, phone a friend, memory, looks pretty. Probably all well meaning but never based on anything provable so they end up with a choice that's confidently wrong.

    I've put some of the technical knowledge base together and given it to prospective barra fishermen like you guys to influence choices that you might make that AREN'T based on myth or folklore.

    Use it as you like to guide the construction of effective tactics. Don't make the mistake of trying to apply it to existing myth and folklore. The info I've made available will enable you to sort some of that stuff out pretty quickly.

    There's heaps of myth also about batteries, sounders, boats etc as well particularly by the sales people who don't really understand what they're selling but are asked questions beyond their knowledge base. Instead of a simple "I don't know but I'll ask somebody here" they come out with some incredible answers to sound confident.

    A case of being confidently wrong rather than hesitantly correct.

    I promised to show an example of one bit of folklore that does indeed have basis in technical fact.

    Its about the good old tried and true gold bomber being a well known barramundi taker.

    Took a while to get to the answer but I reckon I've cracked it and its to do with colour.

    I've got just a little tidying up to do with the article yet.

    In the meantime, any ideas now that we're all so up to speed on what happens to colour in water?

    Experienced guys like you and Rod must have some ideas about this old hat stuff, Chris.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Well, I guess that Chris is off contacting his best mate Rod to talk about some of this "old hat spectrum stuff" that he knows so much about. Strange that, as he was around the place at about 4pm.

    To be fair, we should wait a while before putting the stuff about Gold Bombers up to give Chris ample opportunity to give us the benefit of his experience.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Just go away. You caused enough trouble on the other sites. Donít start that crap here. And donít resort to your other trick of bombarding people with nasty PMs. I wonít read them.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    LMAO that was funny the on how lures work its like were all dumb and your the guro,I thought you had something special to reviel but you have nothing even the date on the pics you posted up in your pdfs are old you can see the dates on them and Harro was useing gold bombers before you too, you are just using old info .

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    How did this become a bun fight?
    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Hello Lovey

    Whenever somebody comes up with some innovative thinking to share with others, it always attracts the "Negative Nancy" brigade like Chris and his little mate who see their roles as simply disruptive . Maybe should change their names to Negative Nancy 1, Negative Nancy 2 ..etc.

    Anyway, here is the stuff on why Gold Bombers work although they're a different colour to the red/green combinations I was talking about.

    There are a couple of links that you need to look at.

    ALL colours can be expressed as combinations of mixtures of the 3 basic colours. Red,green and blue. These are expressed in decimal form by values between 0 - 255. Column on RHS of the image in the attached link.

    Its an interactive "calculator" to tell what colours you can arrive at by mixing various amounts of the red, green and blue basic colours. You simply move each slider sideways and the large rectangle above them gives you the combined result.

    Colour calculator:

    Linked also is a list of sample colours along with the decimal codes associated with that particular colour.

    If you slide all 3 lines to zero, the resultant rectangle is black. no light at all.

    If you slide all 3 lines to max (255), the resultant rectangle is white. white light.

    Go and practice with it to produce some colours of your own.

    Produce some colours that you have on your existing lures. Then look at the sample chart to identify their decimal codes starting point numbers. Slide the line markers to the "best fit" colour in the rectangle.

    That gives you the mixture levels and the result. Look at the "%" of each of the R,G and B colours that are needed to produce it.

    What you'll find mostly is tha a lure colour that penetrates clear water will have a predominance of blue mixed with some green and no red.

    A clour that penetrates headland and dam water will have a predominance of green with some red and not much blue.

    A colour that penetrates dirty water will have a predominance of red, some green and zero blue.

    Talking about it always sounds more complicated than what it is, so play around with the interactive "calculator" a bit to gain familiarity.

    Attached is the info on why gold bombers work. Not IF they work.

    Lures for dirty water.pdf

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    How did this become a bun fight?
    This bloke has history Lovey.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    This is cracking me up, to quote you....... if you use a gold bomber in dirty water then you would be right to do so well everyones been doing that for a long time and because gold is the red and green mixed together, so going by your method if we paint a lure black and with then that's the equivalent to having a grey lure.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    So what did we think about the colour calculator?

    See any uses for it in what you've picked up?

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    House painting comes to mind and colour matching old painted walls.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    A group of us used to go annually to the Roper River in the NT for a few weeks.

    Sometimes 4, 5 or 6 boats.

    Camp at Tomato Is on south side of Roper about 50km east of Roper Bar. Completely self sufficient camp.

    Had to go past Ngukurr settlement every morning going down river and every arvo going back.

    Got to see groups of kids from the settlement bank fishing on the Arnhem side of the river in afternoons.

    Used to bring back a barra for each of the kids to take home. Other boats used to do it as well for other groups of kids.

    Did this for a few years and got to know these kids pretty well. The fresh fish helped supplement their diet and the families.

    One day after about 5 years, the kids our boat knew got us to stop at the Ngukurr boat ramp where a few adults were waiting.

    They has something for us for helping the kids out. See photo.

    They'd apparently made it for us.

    Quite touching.

    So we got something unique for our troubles.

    Don't know what sort of timber but its been dot and line engraved.

    Simple and a treasure for me to think about those happy kids.

    Stark photo doesn't do it justice. Double-click the photo to see the trouble those little guys went to.


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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Here's some info about another form of barra fishing from a technical perspective.

    Its called the medication approach.The barra that the guy is lying next to is a good sized one. Local legend is that it was 1.8m long. Things get bigger in the telling and over time I guess but it was certainly a decent one


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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    1.8mt dead Barra from the early 1900s so there grew bigger back then compaired to now, they are getting smaller as the years go by!!!!!!!!.

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