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    Northstar Explorer 657

    Hi Guys,
    I have a Northstar 657 Explorer, due to isolation i thought i would have a look at it.
    When i bought my boat 18 mnths ago with this unit i just put it in shed.
    The unit turns on but the screen is all blue and white strips.
    You cant read anything
    I am guessing that maybe the screen is U/S.
    If you guys think maybe it is can i get a replacement
    Any info would be greatly appreciated as it has a lot of marks on it ( so i was told).
    Thanks Guys

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    Re: Northstar Explorer 657

    Making the assumption that your battery voltage is good and there are no bad connections in your power supply that are creating voltage drop, I would suspect you are correct. You could try ejecting the chart card if you have one to see if it starts normally. Also try removing all connectors apart from the power lead and try powering up. Apart from that, a system reset if you can find a procedure anywhere. If none of that works, time for a new unit. Don't bother contacting Navico for help with it - there is no support for Northstar any more.

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