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Thread: Gear Thieves

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    Gear Thieves

    Just a reminder to secure your gear or don't leave valuable gear in the boat. I've just had thieves clean out the cab of the boat completely. On the trailer 10 feet from the bedroom window. Not just fishing gear but lifejackets, dive gear, toolbox, cooking gear, anything that they think might buy them their next hit. I was getting ready for a 2 day trip. That took care of that idea. kind of hope they come back, I'd like to have a chat with them. The only thing they left (no joke) was 2 rolls of bog roll. Obviously should have put the alarm system in sooner.

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    Thats terrible, I feel for you. There certainly are some low life's out there. No respect for someone elses property. It might just get worse now with job shortages. I hope you can still manage enough gear for some sort of trip, when you can get out.

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    Grubs. See if any of your neighbours have any security cameras - never know your luck.

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    RSholes, my boats not going anywhere while waiting for a new fuel tank, not sure where you are but happy to loan my lifejackets and anything else I have. Hopefully they didn't knock off your epirb, I can reregister mine to your boat.

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    I have home cctv wouldnt live without it it may not stop a crime but social media has millions of members all u do is post the video to a classifieds say $300 for any information reguarding them getting charged, people will do back flips for $300...

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    If you are interested in home security cameras i just installed a couple at my sister place she bought the wifi 2 camera model from bunnings for $400 very clear image at night but i guess your tv pixals play a part in replay quality

    I have these cameras
    I only have a cheapy tv with low pixal count but if i record to a samsung phone than upload that video it comes out clear like in my video below

    The day this video was taking luckily i was home just woke up and was checking emails in bed and heard someone knock at the door i dodnt answer it but checked the cameras 30mins later and bingo caught these two fh's sussing out my boats

    I have multiple cameras up now and hopefully installing more soon if we stay at this house, few grey spots which i want to cover

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    Thanks for the support fellas. I saw what you went through Gazza. All good, still fishing, I was determined that it wouldn't keep me off the water. It's just the principle, and the $3500 bucks worth of gear, that hurts. Cops didn't do a thing, fingerprint team didn't even bother to turn up after I waited hours for them. Security/surveillance system being sorted as we speak. still waiting for insurance to decide if they'll come to the party or do a sidestep.

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    Re: Gear Thieves

    Fish where ever a thief makes money they return it may be 6 days 6 weeks or 6 months they will be back so be careful

    Cameras are good but it may not deter them

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