Had to get away from all the craziness going on so did a 5pm run out the Mooloolaba reefs trolled a couple of hardbodies without much luck, a lot of Spanish stacked up though sitting on the bottom, anchored and started Berlying with a log and a handful of chicken pellets every 20mins or so, the green underwater lights and the white deck lights really brought out bait, at one point had a baby snapper eating out of the Berle bucket, sand crabs on the surface, tiger squid and the slimies were thick it looked like rain. Anyway got a good feed of grassies, a stripie and one unlucky calamari on a ganged garfish, left them biting as I stuffed up and threw the squid in the icebox with fish and it made a mess and had to drain the ice and water and make a quick dash back to get them back on ice, my theory is if you take the life of an animal give it the most respect and keep it in the best condition, good bit of fun for a couple of hours and best part is I only used 30L fuel total win-2D24FC25-74B4-4756-9A87-A676131CFFF1.jpg