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Thread: My names not Bob

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    My names not Bob

    But I am from blackburn in Vic,
    Have been a lurker here for some time and just got off my arse enough to manage to pay the sub so I could write stuff.
    Interests are fishing camping boating, (theirs no way to say that, that doesn't sound proprietary). my apologies.
    I have a 542rf Signature as a fishing boat and give ppb and westernport a go for the usual suspects.
    I also have a stacer 340 car topper that goes to eildon weir on a trailer and we push that around with a 6hp suzuki then finesse the trees with a minnkota powerdrive bow mount, gps, anchor lock, (dont get me started with how good that is! where was that 100 years ago?)
    The "We" being my son who has recently taken up fishing in say the last three years but has adapted very well, he is the goto bloke now, (nuture or nature?)
    I love making stuff for the boat dont mind fixing things and have no problem paying good money for good gear when its required.
    Ive just nudged 60 and people think I'm grumpy, but I don't need to hear bs three times in a row.

    Kind regards
    My names Mark

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    Re: My names not Bob

    welcome mark sounds like your got a bit of salt and freshwater variety to keep ya occupied i was at black burn primary back in the day for a 6 month stint , that was 40 year ago , hows the snapper goin in PPB now that SA has banned snapper fishing . getting hit hard from the tourists. tight lines

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    Re: My names not Bob

    Mark i thought anyone could post here? I deff havent.paid any subscriptions over the years

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    My names not Bob

    I pay, and I donít mind paying, but can admin advise me why some donít have to pay some do have to pay?

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    Re: My names not Bob

    I have been here a long time shakey maybe 10 years or more

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