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    going with the trend " vintage"

    Thought I may as well add to Reggy's thread.
    While not actually reels, more the accessories, I've managed to pick up a couple of interesting "vintages"

    First one, is a repair kit offered by Penn in there catalogues. They first came on the scene in the late 30's, I'm sure alot were sold, but not really kept as collectable item. Some one I know, has 2 from the 30's, with everything still in the container, there the only 2 complete kits I have ever seen, rare as hens teeth, but in thinking about it, I've never seen ones from later years, so I managed to score one from the early 50's, which again, there must have been thousands sold, but I've never seen any others ( than the guys mentioned b4) from any year.
    So, I had to snare it, I think for a $10 er, I cant loose, but looks cool on the shelf.

    Second score, for those that are interested, Is a rare " kingfisher" Box.
    Edward K Tyron company has been around since the mid 1800's, and they sold everything from guns, rods reels knives etc, a huge company. They obtained the Kingfisher name in the early 1900's, trade marked, so they would buy other peoples products and sell them under there brand, early stuff from Tyron, is extremely collectable.
    So, when Penn started off in 1932, they needed sales, so Tyron, wanted to sell Penn reels, in Kingfisher boxes, with the Penn name ( plug) removed and the kingfisher name put on the reel, in 33, Penn only had 4 reels in production to sell, this one, is a 33 Kingfisher box, with the 33 kingfisher reel ( a Penn 33 Sea Ford). Because they also rebadged many other reel manufacturers, the number on the box, matched the Penn identification number in there 33 accounting ledger, ( Named a Sea Side for Tyron) I could match the correct reel to the box. They may not have been originally matched together, but close enough for me and there are indeed very very few out there. I have since been offered a near kings ransom for the pair ( well, it is for me), but this pair will sit on my shelf, they can worry about how much it's worth when I'm ash
    Anyway's, a bit of history never hurt anyone...

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Sad thing about vintage stuff today the its hard to get the next generation to take on the way u see vintage its a hit.or miss, often what is valuable to you seems like clutter to the next generation and often a lot of good stuff just gets thrown out when u die

    I am on of those new age people just toss it not a big collector tho so it may be different

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    I hear you Gazza, sadly it is true, However, while there are Penn reels for instance, that were so mass produced thru the 60's 70's and more, there actually isn't really any value to them. BUT, there is some huge dollars been realised in the pre war "special" rarer models, that would probably make you quite surprised. Many will only set you back a few hundred dollars, BUT, I've seen auctions for certain models of early Penn, go well north of the $1000, on a regular basis. When Value is realised by the "new generation" a lot will chase the dollar, there are finds to be made out there, knowledge is your weapon when collecting anything.
    The above reel and box, well, from the Penn records, there were less than a dozen in 1933 of these sold, value is always supply and demand, for near everything. As I mentioned before, I only confirmed the match of the above ( reel to box) very recently and posted it on a vintage forum, there are hard core, deep pocketed collectors, all state side, will pay a small fortune to fill a gap in there collections, I know all sold in 33, wouldn't have survived, hence some of the out rageous offers that I have received is eye watering....

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    You have some nice, interesting finds there Col. Look after those boxes mate.
    Maybe we should have a dedicated vintage section on the board.

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Reggy, I think you've come up with a great idea there !!.
    I'd love to see some more of your Gem's....... and in fact, I think we have some closet collectors / hoarders amongst us, it might be surprising to see what shows up.


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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    looks like a penn squidder ?
    I have my grandfathers who used it to catch kings and hapuka in NZ with gut line and a solid glass rod.

    ive been trying to collect some small abu 1500s 2500s to make a set of my first bass reels which I sold on as needed funds as the kids came along
    I currently have a 1500, 2500 2600 iar and couldn't believe the prices I had to pay for a set

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Hi Steve, Do you mean the reel above looks like a Squidder ?. It's a " Knuckle buster", no drag or anti reverse, the Squidder was a casting reel.
    I absolutely love the Squidder, basically, the same reel when it was introduced in 39, lasted for decades unchanged, Penn's most successful reel in my opinion. Once I got the first 39 model on the shelf, my other Squidders I modernise with Tiburon one piece frames, S/S internals etc and she is a weapon of a reel, pulls over 20lb drag and casts beautifully and a great reel for casting into bust ups....
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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    sorry your right
    looked like that bakelite side plates with a star drag and would be 60 years old

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Hi Steve, The small Abu's are starting to command real prices now, extremely collectable.
    I try to stick with Penn, purely for cost reasons, if I started going after all the reel brands I like, there would be no funds left for the boat.
    Abu have a strong following on the reel sites, for a reason too, they are a great reel. I've slowly got rid of my modern reels as I've converted old vintage ones over,, and if they didn't work, I'd be straight back on to the moderns..
    Put a photo up when you get a chance of your grandfathers reel, be interested to see what model you have.......


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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    yeah I wish I wanted a different real to be nostalgic over 1500s $600 2500 $600 2500 iar $1k

    will do will try and dig it out on the weekend

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Hi guys
    Just trying to keep the vintage theme alive, even though a couple of these may be a tad young to qualify.
    Anyhow, someone might be interested or even have or had one of these.
    2410 SHAKES.jpgP1050587.jpgTriton Mark 1.jpgP1030400.jpg

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    That's an interesting group you've put up there Greg ...
    I'm loving the handle and how clean that 160 is, that's pretty.
    How about a description on the others ???
    As I said, I'm a bit of a Nuff when it comes to most brands outside of Penn, but some interesting ones there for sure...

    And Talking of Vintage, I've emptied the bank account out again, on another wee purchase, wont arrive here for a few weeks, that will give me time by when it arrives to get over the bill shock and enjoy it, or so I'm thinking.....LOL


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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Can't wait to see your purchase Col.
    Yes, the little 160 had me thinking it had a "plastic" handgrip until I received it to find it is wood.

    The Shakespeare 2410 has a very smooth felt drag and a great anti reverse system. made 1976-78.
    The Shimano Triton Mark 1 was the forerunner to the Calcutta. It has a very solid frame with all stainless gearing and a dog and ratchet anti reverse and the Mark 2 is just a wider version. Made 1984.
    The ABU Ambassadeur 12 is an IGFA 12 LB class single speed game fishing reel which is the same size as a 9000c. It has chromed brass sideplates.
    It is a 1974 model made in 1983.


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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Here we go Reggy,
    It's been a tad slow on the postage side of thing from State side of late, still have an absolute Gem finding its way here.
    But this one was kinda special, in many ways....

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    Re: going with the trend " vintage"

    Hi reggy.

    I have a ABU 12 which I purchased many many years ago and I still use it and love it. The handle needs replacing but not sure if you can still get parts for them.

    Any ideas where you can get parts ?

    Quote Originally Posted by reggy View Post
    Hi guys
    Just trying to keep the vintage theme alive, even though a couple of these may be a tad young to qualify.
    Anyhow, someone might be interested or even have or had one of these.
    2410 SHAKES.jpgP1050587.jpgTriton Mark 1.jpgP1030400.jpg

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