Gday guys, just a brief note about live bait in close off Caloundra.
Last Friday I went for a jig and the bait was thick as thick. At the beacons the yakkas and slimies were about 3”-4” long. A bit too small for decent fish but would be perfect as livies on the coffee rock in a few months time. Out away from the beacons were the larger yakkas and plenty of them. We got a good few. As well as the bait we got a nice grassy sweetlip and a school mackerel, both on a bait jig. We let the mackerel go but are the sweetlip.
Went again today and the bait was scarce. Seems to have gotten even smaller at the beacons, like between 2”-3” sort of stuff. Probably be good for passage livies?? Millions of them but If that’s what your after. Hopefully this is a good sign for the next few months and will bring the snapper into the coffee rock in both size and numbers.


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