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    Mud Island tomorrow (2/2/2020)

    Hi all,

    Been reading up on Whyte Island boat ramp and Mud Island as a boating/fishing option tomorrow morning. Forecast has winds blowing up at lunchtime, looking to go out early say 5-11.

    Boat is a 5.7m plate alloy with 130. Haven't been out in Moreton Bay at all yet, will be first trip. Is there anything in particular to be aware of?


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    Re: Mud Island tomorrow (2/2/2020)

    Let us know how you go
    Smile, It confuses people

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    Re: Mud Island tomorrow (2/2/2020)

    Great day on the water. Couldn't believe how many boats are out there, had to park on the grass! Anyway for a first day out it was good, 1/2 a dozen fish all undersize, but got a legal blue swimmer on a pilchard. Wasn't worth a cook-up for 1 crab so he lives to swim another day.

    Ended up going across to Moreton for a swim.

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