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    Portable gas fridge leak a silent killer

    This is a sad tragedy

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    Re: Portable gas fridge leak a silent killer

    That is tragic.
    I read somewhere that your sense of smell doesn't work while you're asleep.

    Carbon monoxide (dioxide?) from gas heaters etc has also killed people in a closed tent.

    There's a lessen there.
    We keep ours outside in the annex where fresh air is circulating for that reason.
    Also tents burn in about 2 minutes. Not a lot of time to wake up and act.

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    Re: Portable gas fridge leak a silent killer

    I watched this on fb heartbreaking no idea why the fridge was in the tent maybe to conserve the heat output? They said the mother had hyperthermia

    How would the mother live from here on knowing her husban and child passed while she survived so sad

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