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    gps marks not transferring

    Go myself a new Raymarine Element hv9 and have been trying to load all my gps marks onto it ,I've converted my FSH files from my A70D and converted them to GPX. but only a few marks are transferring has anyone got a idea why only a few are working as ive got a few hundred and only 8 have worked and no routes either.

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    Re: gps marks not transferring

    Do you have a PC program to load the data to to view it? Without doing that you don't have any idea as to whether the issue is a failure to save, a failure to convert or a failure to load. Last Raymarine conversion I did was with GPSU from a Navman to an Axiom - went without issue.

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    Re: gps marks not transferring

    No Scott ive not got a program to do that but some have loaded!!! ive use a Raymarine converter that's suppose to be compatible too lighthouses 3 system and the manual says that the files must be GPX file.

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    Re: gps marks not transferring

    Try downloading something like Garmin Homeport and import your file into that for starters. That will tell you whether the rest of the data came across in the conversion or not.

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    Re: gps marks not transferring

    Thanks Scott good little program it loaded the waypoint and told me that there not all transferring from the A70 so ill go back and have another look at it and try try again.

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    Re: gps marks not transferring

    Try also using gps visualiser.... I used this last night to get my gps points from Lowrance to Garmin...

    Ďístep 1 - export file from old gps in any format that works onto SD card
    step 2 - place SD card into PC and save file to desktop or hard drive
    step 3 - import into gps visualiser this will help you convert the file into required format and save onto hard drive or HD card
    step 4 - save required output file onto HD card and input into new gps
    step 5 - merge the files

    this worked perfectly for me and I was having similar issues... Garmin home port is good and through gps visualiser you can also send points to google earth.... itís a handy website.

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