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    and another thing...

    SO after taking the house apart, thinking the minister for entertainment and finance had "put it away", it looks like someone has flogged the head unit from my boat when it was in the carport, and I didn't notice. It's the only explanation. So p*ssed off. But anyway, with the annual Dudds trip coming up in a week I need the unit to find where we're not going to catch anything. My question is: should I get another Garmin echomap plus 95 SV, which I thought was a pretty good unit, or are these at the end of their run, and should I invest in something else. I like Garmin bc I find the GPS so easy to use on a touch screen. And the sounder seems to go OK. But do I get another, and just pop the head unit in, or should I wait for something better. I notice the price has come down to about $1250 ( I think I paid 1290 and it was listed most places at 1500 then, now most places have it l isted at 1250). Edumacated people like Moose might know a little so I thought I'd ask the forum for advice before I threw out another grand plus.
    Yours in sorrow,

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    Re: and another thing...

    Sorry for your loss, always some scumbags around.
    Whitworths have the 95SV plus for $1199 i think. I suspect a new model UHD is on the way as it is for remaining stock.

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    Re: and another thing...

    Garmin have new models coming. The hold up is suspected to be the new charting. If you are happy with the old charts there are some good specials to be had at the moment but not all dealers will have stock.

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    Re: and another thing...

    Thanks fellas. Not sure what to do to be honest. Lot of money. Twice.

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    Re: and another thing...

    Insurance should cover it?
    Note to self: Don't argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience....

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    Re: and another thing...

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlighter View Post
    Insurance should cover it?
    Ah you know mate, only through house insurance, boat's not insured, house there'll be a $900 fee to get the $100 they'll pay me and then I'll lose my no claim bonus for seventy years...
    B*stards never let you win.

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    Re: and another thing...

    Insurance.. Damned if you do.... Damned if you don't.

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    Re: and another thing...

    You know the sad thing is whoever stole it probably sold it for $50 sacks of ....!

    I was looking at gps fish finders on facebook i found a few listed without transducers, not one for u to buy but it makes u think where did it come from...

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