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Thread: Fireblood 4000FA & 1000FA

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    Fireblood 4000FA & 1000FA

    Just packed our house up for a move after 15+ years in the same place and my wife stumbled across two brand new reels tucked away, a unused Fireblood 4000FA & a Fireblood 1000FA.

    Anyone know anything about them, are they worth hanging onto?

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    Re: Fireblood 4000FA & 1000FA

    From memory - these were a pretty decent reel which sat below the Stella's - probably on par with the Daiwa Certates - Like the Daiwa Sols they came out with matching rods = I was never grabbed by the red but hey that a personal choice .
    These were pre CI4 so if you have a use for them would be worth keeping IMO

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    Re: Fireblood 4000FA & 1000FA

    From memory these were $300ish reels. Ive got to ask, how do you forget about two brand new reels in your garage?! Id definitely hang on to them.

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