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Thread: Northpine /lake samsonvale kayak permits

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    Northpine /lake samsonvale kayak permits

    Hello All,

    Can anyone advise if you need a permit to kayak on this dam ? I have SIP for the fishing but I am a little confused if you need a watercraft permit for the whole dam or is there an area you don't ? Going to start at Forgan Cove


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    Re: Northpine /lake samsonvale kayak permits

    You only need a SIP to fish from the public access area at Forgans Cove Paddle only craft ( No leccys) To access the PRFMA area from the end of Adsetts Road you need a boating permit issued by the PRFMA For more info have a look at the PRFMA website even if you do not wish to get a boating access permit read the articles section for some good info on how to tactics for NPD.. There is an active group on facebook called pine rivers lakes fishing that covers both North Pine dam and Lake Sampsonvale where you can also glean the latest info. Cheers Ray

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    Re: Northpine /lake samsonvale kayak permits

    Thanks Ray.Much appreciated.

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