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Thread: Bermagui outfit

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    Bermagui outfit

    Hey all,

    Ive been invited on an annual pilgrimage to Bermagui for some fishing next winter.

    Apparently were gonna be chasing Tuna and Kingfish.

    Thing is, I dont have any gear for this, and coming from Westernport Bay in Vic the heaviest Ive got is snapper and gummy outfits that are 6000 OC Baitcasters on 8-15kg rods.

    Were gonna be heading up once a year, so Im looking for something reasonable but not too crazy as itll only be used one week of the year.

    What should I look for?

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    Re: Bermagui outfit

    The Yellowfin Tuna in that area in winter can get quite big in winter (April, May and June) as in the 30-80kg size with the odd 250Kg Bluefin brute, so you will need something substantial with large line capacity, it also depends on your budget too. Your budget will dictate what will be recommended by others here. If it was me, I would be bringing a 30/50W or a 80W overhead with 100lb+ braid, as well as 150lb-200lb leaders. The Kingfish shouldn't be a problem size wise but the tuna are quite variable.

    My personal preference would be Okuma Makairas teamed up with a 80-100lb roller/guide rod. So overall I would be looking at spending about 1K$ plus line of choice. There are also other choices/combo's which would cost less or more again depending on your budget. However once you go up past the 50W size reels your pretty much limited to using those reel only for very large fish. Realistically you have to gamble on what your chances are of hooking a cow sized Tuna or will the majority of fish be up to 60Kg, as if on the smaller size, then you won't need an 80W and could settle for a 30 or a 50 size reel.

    Bear in mind that if you get a decent setup it should last you a lifetime and you could also target large sharks when you get home if that is also your thing. My suggestion would be to ring a few of the charter operators that fish in the area, and ask them what they use or suggest as they would have a better handle on what gets caught at that time of year.

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    Re: Bermagui outfit

    For me, only once a year, Shimano TLD50-LRSA2 with 80lb tasline braid (rated strength much higher and thinner diameter than most) mono top shot.
    Rod, Shimano backbone elite full roller guides 37kg. Shop around especially second hand and I reckon the outfit will be around $500-600
    Remember to budget for skirts/ lures etc. Escapin tackle is a good start for lures especially their own made skirts are cheap and effective.
    All in my opinion.

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    Re: Bermagui outfit

    I like the TLD's for longevity and value but whatever you go with be sure to have it serviced as soon as you get back.You would be surprised how many people in your situation (once a year trip) pull their gear out a week before the annual trip only to find the reel seized or in need of repair and the mad panic sets in to get things done in time,sometimes they have a win sometimes they don't.Same will go for a rod with rollers on it.

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    Re: Bermagui outfit

    Welcome to the money pit

    I've fished Bermi many times & have landed some reasonable tuna the reality is that 30-50kgs is what you are likely to encounter
    For that try to find yourself a second hand TLD 50 or Tiagra . and matching rod - 50lb mono . You'll be in with a shot for most of the tuna on that gear.
    This will be overkill on the Kingfish your Victorian gear will work though as the big kingies are few & far between .. specially if you end up at Montague Island .

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    Re: Bermagui outfit

    your gummyshark outfit will hold the bonito and the rat kings, they get a few gummys their as well, anything bigger well get out that plastic and tap it.

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