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Thread: Few homemade swimbaits

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    Few homemade swimbaits

    Gday been making few swimbaits in my shed , been going ok on sum big lake Barra up in the Kimberley . Gets bit addictive with the stuff you can melt up and make


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    Re: Few homemade swimbaits

    Thanks for sharing, that was very interesting. Is that mold a soft mold, to help with getting your creation out?

    I accidentally hit the disagree button, looks like I have changed it, hope so.

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    Re: Few homemade swimbaits

    hi mate yes its a soft mould , i make the original lure/bait out timber then pour over a two pack silicon liquid that sets to form mold in video . cheers

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    Re: Few homemade swimbaits

    Hi there CM8219393 what's the brand name of the 2pack silicon you used for the mould if you don't mind.

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    Re: Few homemade swimbaits

    Fantastic Video. If there was easy ways of getting hold of that exact plastic in bulk quantities in different colours it could save some of us thousands. Thanks for sharing.
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