Hello Fellow Fisher-people.

I am looking to some future aspects of my beach fishing in S.E Qld where I mainly target greenback tailor,I currently use a rod 13 ft 6 to 15ft with 700E5 Alvey. But I am getting old-its getting heavy. On a recent trip to Sydney went to a few tackle shops-and was a good experience. I had a helpful shop keeper show me this three piece 'Nitro Surf Assasian' 12 ft rod-put it together and loaded it up-seemed good, couple with a Dawia Tournoment surf 150 reel,which I am told would be great for metal lures in surf.

Certainly a change from my regular gear-but technology has come a long way and two or three pieces rods a less frowned upon these days. I am wondering how the above new combo would handle 3 to 5 kg green back tailor I noticed some old posts here from around 10 years ago about nitro rods- so they have been around a bit. Keen to find out how anyone here has found this type of set on surf beach for larger fish before outlaying the $400 for rod and $680 for the reel.

Thanks for any pointers.