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Thread: Fishing Curtain Reef (Moreton Island)

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    Fishing Curtain Reef (Moreton Island)

    G'day All

    I'm wanting to head across to Curtain Reef for the first time very soon, if the wind ever dies down!
    I'm wondering whether anyone has personally had success over there and decent places to anchor up? I've had a look at my Navionics map and can see the north and south markers of the reef system but it's still a decent sized area. Any baits to use and rigs, perhaps lures and what fish we could expect. From what I have read in various places, there Snapper, Kingfish and Cobia to be caught there but is there anything else?
    My plan (for when I do go) is to be there first light, anchored and ready to go but will need to stop and get some live bait on the way beforehand.
    I want to have a rod for live bait or dead bait like Pilchard should we not catch any live bait, and one for lures like plastics on the bottom or flicking lures should a school of Tuna and Mackerel show up nearby.

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    Re: Fishing Curtain Reef (Moreton Island)

    Yes there can be decent fish there surrounded by pickers

    It gets quite busy at times and divers can be a distraction

    Live bait if you can manage it. Otherwise unweighted pillies or mullet

    Be prepared to lose an anchor of you hook one of the house boats

    Current races through there so anchor well

    It's Curtin Reef.

    Could luck

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