I've been getting out on the river a bit lately, and I'm pleased to say the river has been fishing pretty well over the last 4-5 weeks. Plenty of Flatties around who are happy to take a lure, I've posted a couple of pictures here of some 60cm+ specimens. My lure of choice is a Squidgy 100 ml wriggler of some sort, but I'm pretty sure Flatties are not that picky and will eat most things run past their nose. The important thing of course, is the pause! I like to use 6lb line, with 10lb leader, which is pretty well my standard set up for the river.
I also scored myself a nice Jack early one evening, it's nice to see them in the river.
I'm also pleased to see more Trevally turning up. These guys are good fun on light gear. The 50cm one pictured is probably one of my better taken in the river. I think that bigger ones probably move out of the river.They are always a hoot to get on light gear.
Plenty of Bream around, but these days I prefer to avoid them if possible, which can be hard when fishing bait. When fishing bait in the river I suggest you should always use fresh bait i.e catch your own. That bit of extra effort will always pay off. If your buying your frozen prawns from the local servo, well good luck to you.
When boating on the river be aware that at least 50% of punters have no idea of the correct side to pass on, or speed limits around anchored boats, swimmers etc, so take care especially as the weather heats up.
I would like to promote catch and release in the river whenever possible. It is a heavily fished piece of water, so put them back where you found them.

Cheers all

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