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    Brand new 40 yamaha

    Has any one had trouble with the new 40 4stroke yamaha blocking with sand at the slightest sniff of a sand bar I'm done with the thing been towed home twice in only 10 hours we crab some shallow country but obviously dont plow the bars had a 2stroke merc from new and never had a problem in 5 years I dont under stand is it a lemon any one else having issues.

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    I have a 50 and crab all the time (and now and then I do plow sand) and never had an issue, does it over heat, or just the tell tale stop?

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Can search ten years of this forum and see itís never been asked and the engines been out at least that long. Also never seen it mentioned elsewhere and thatís on any brand just not your yamaha

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Yeah, agree, might need a bit more info, there is little to no difference in the water pickup system on any outboard made for decades.

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Seth are u trying to power off the sand bar using the outboard? as the impeller churns up the sand it would be going strait into your intake maybe try push the boat off the sand bar before starting the engine... i guess everything is a compromise

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Any chance youre fishing Corio bay?

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Hey mate.
    I used to have trouble with the tell tale in an old Suzuki 40hp I used to have on my tinnie. The issue was the little plastic spout they had that was pushed onto the tell tale to exten through the plastic surround at the top of the leg. ( I hope you know what Iím talking about).
    This part was just too small, and Any grain of sand ect would get caught in it, blocking the tell tale, but engine was still nice and cool.

    I ender up just pulling it off and and fitting a small pice of rubber hose the right size, and never blocked again.

    Might be be worth having a look at.


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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Hi yes cr it's my brother inlaws tinny he doesn't do the internet I feel a bit guilty because he asked me what new 4 stroke should I buy I told him the yamaha.

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Seth Yamaha was a great choice its the brand most aussies chose i wouldnt be bashing a yamaha they are well designed and built for a job and that is not churning up sand on a sand bar

    If u think about it all brands of outboards have there water intake in front of the propeller so basically this would still happen with any brand

    I put it down to user error learn to drive a boat mate, turn the engine off just before the hull hits the sand bank and push the boat off the sand bank before restarting it

    When u see guys pushing boats up on sand or muddy banks its because they are usually barges which are very long boats 8, 10, 12 meters etc... there engine are clear from the bank

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    Modern fourstrokes dont like sand and Corio has plenty. The quick fix is to carry enough gear to remove the thermostat housing. That's usually where the crap gets stuck. Remove the thermostat. A quick start then stop should flush all the crap out the open hole where the thermostat was then you bolt the housing back on and away you go. Refit the thermo at home later after washing everything out properly. Confirm with your mechanic that this bush fix is acceptable but it usually gets you out of rowing!

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    Re: Brand new 40 yamaha

    The worst thing to do is reverse off a sand/mud bank.
    The prop throws all that stirred up muck straight back into the intakes.


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