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    Mud Island (Moreton Bay)

    Hi All
    So I went to Mud Island recently (for the first time) as the weather was looking good. Almost no wind and by the time we got there it was about an hour until the high tide started running in again.
    We tried so many spots that I could see from my Navionics app but apart from some undersized Squire and Wrasse it was a rubbish day.
    We fished and drifted all along the north eastern side and also at Jeays Reef using plastics and Pilchards as bait. We didnít even see any bird action out there! I mean, maybe it was just one of those days! Who knows?

    My question is; without giving away any secret spots of course, I want to see what and where you prefer to fish, where youíve had success, what bait youíve used and what type and colour plastics or lures youíve used in the area that has been successful.

    I have only had my boat for two weeks now so obviously it will take a considerable amount of time to search out my spots but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all

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    Re: Mud Island (Moreton Bay)

    Hi Mate,

    Mud is one of those spots, like most in the bay easily accessible and therefore can be a bit of work to catch decent fish especially consistently!

    Best tips I can give you for mud is to do your fishing around sunrise and sunset, these are by far the most productive there..

    Night time can be ok as well on the right moon phase/night..

    Try and fish it mid week and not in "ideal" conditions when there are not boats zooming around all over the place..

    Bait, fresh is best and if you can catch your own that is the way to go...

    Plastics work well there, especially smaller ones in that 4 inch sort of range..

    There are big fish that lurk around there at times, we have caught lots of snapper there including some big ones (10.3kg) best to date..

    As for spots, look around away from where all the boats tend to congregate in water depths between 8 - 12m..

    Plenty of bits and pieces laying around out there if your willing to spend the time looking..

    But you have to be prepared to put in considerable hours to reap the rewards..

    Good luck

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