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    Freedom Voyager boats

    Hi guys , Does anyone have any info on the build quality of these boats?
    I have been looking into one of these and cant find any info at all.
    The layout of the hull is pretty good and whilst not a hard core fishing boat there is still room to fish two on one side comfortably.
    My concern is the strength of the hull and how it would handle average conditions.
    At 6m it sits on a 2 ton trailer and current owner does say its a fairly light hull.

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    Anyone ?? These are an east coast build , anyone have any info on Freedom boats in general then?

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    It does sound like you have answered your own question. I haven't heard or seen them.

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    I had a secondhand 5.3 Freedom Escape more than a decade ago. Nice looking boat but seemed very light and after a few offshore trips part of the fibreglass on the bottom hull started getting soft and stressed (gelcoat started cracking and peeling off). Canít comment on more recent models or other sizes, nor how the boat was treated before I owned it. Inspect the hull carefully if buying...

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    Old thread and discussion here:

    Might help you?

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    Hmmm , I did try the search function but did not see that , thanks Ah ME Ting.

    This is the boat in question.

    The owner did admit that the hull was pretty light and that it was not used for that much deep stuff.
    I'm moving up from a small ali plate runabout that has been fantastic , to something overnight-able and also fish deeper water with the kids in a bit more comfort. This ticked a few box's to see if we want to go that way or not.

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    Freedoms are made at Noosa and evolved into the Bayshores sold through Brisbane Yamaha.

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    Re: Freedom Voyager boats

    Perhaps Baysports Ö.

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