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    Fishing Reel Bearings

    Best site or outlet to purchase from ??.

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    Re: Fishing Reel Bearings

    You can buy shimano parts direct from them, bearing prices are ok.

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    Re: Fishing Reel Bearings

    Boca bearings or

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    Re: Fishing Reel Bearings

    Boca I believe also sell through Erskins tackle in Cairns

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    Re: Fishing Reel Bearings

    Quote Originally Posted by tunaticer View Post
    Boca bearings or
    Yep allready checked them out , Need it for a Daiwa Aird 100H which measurement is 8x14x3.5 and closest i could find there was 8x14x4 which is a smidgeon out so ended up ordering one from China.
    Daiwa now replace that bearing with a bush and didnt want o go that way.
    Also checked out a Hobbyist mob that sells them and siz e i need but charge not only for freight , GST , Insurance and whatever they can charge lol..

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