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    Fraser island

    hi guys,

    i am towing my boat to Fraser Island next weekend and plan to launch from the very tip of the island weather permitting of course my question is oes any one have any spots they can give me or any tips or anything for fishing off the tip in a boat. my boat is a 4m with a 25 hp so not huge it it is calm it should be ok.


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    Re: Fraser island

    Which tip? North or South? I have a feeling that you may need a larger boat if you are anyplace near Breaksea Spit which is to the North of Fraser. Even puttering around on the inside down South can be a tad scary in a 4M boat with an outgoing tide against wind.
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    Re: Fraser island

    4m boat, take it over to Wathumba to be safe. You will need more than 25 HP to navigate the current around breaksea.
    We do boat launch and fishing there abit. If u snag a bigger boat, launch of Waddy in the gutter head out straight out to any bit of rock and it will hold fish. Don't be temp by the school of tailors hanging out wide of Waddy, just waste precious fishing time.
    Don't come back too late either. 40' have been tip over by waves in the dark..
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    Re: Fraser island

    Was planning on launching it at the very top I have kayaked off the tip before but just wondering if anyone has launched a tinny

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    Re: Fraser island

    I camped at the far northern area just east of the lighthouse for 3 nights, back yesterday. There was a tinny, prob 4m max. No drama beach launching. They trolled the area and had 2 nice Spanish. Not sure what else. Obviously they were not fishing too far away, and certainly not in the break sea spit so to speak. You can see rough water out from shore, they were well inside that area. It was blowing a 10-15 ENE and was still moderately protected.
    They anchored it through the day and pulled it out at night ( I think waiting for the afternoon low as not a lot of hard beach there.

    We had to go around the back of nakgala rocks even at dead low (mid moon phase). Is pretty soft, lots of cars stuck (without trailers) and we were down to 12lb to drag the camper through fully loaded. So I would so go a bit prepared if you want to drag the boat, or get big low tides to go around in the beach side if possible. Thatís assuming it doesnít rain.
    Tracks through waddy etc are all ready pretty ordinary (very chewed out) for dragging a boat due to school holidays now in full swing, but that would just make it slower travelling, not impossible.

    It is pretty nice up north there and away from nearly all traffic, except the lighthouse day trippers. Maybe half a dozen or so cars a day if your (un)lucky.IMG_6623.jpg

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    Re: Fraser island

    Darren thats what we plan to do. we dont plan to go near the break sea spit we are going to launch at the top and head left toward the bay. i have been through ngala before and it is definatly going to be a challenge but hopefully a set of max trax and a winch and another car will be enough to get through lol. fingers crossed for good weather or we may have to drag the thing across to wathumba.

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    Re: Fraser island

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren J View Post
    I............. There was a tinny, prob 4m max. No drama beach launching. They trolled the area and had 2 nice Spanish......
    I thought Spanish from that area were considered toxic?

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    Re: Fraser island

    Once you get your boat to the top of the island, launching off the beach should not be a problem as long as sea conditions allow it. The things to consider are where you want to fish in relation to the green zones that exist up there. Great Sandy Marine Park Zone 12 sits off the top of the island on the western side of Breaksea Spit. Its boundaries run due north from the top of the island (eastern boundary) and due north from the lighthouse (western boundary) up to where state waters and commonwealth waters meet. There is a 500 metre strip of water out from the beach, from the tip of the island down to level with the lighthouse that is okay to fish in. West of the lighthouse line is general use zoning but then Marine National Park zone 11 kicks in about 3km south along the beach from the lighthouse down to just north of Roonies again with a 500 metre boundary out from the beach. Worth grabbing a copy of the Great Sandy Marine Park map to take with you so you can see just where the no go areas are. Also grab a copy of the GBR (Bundaberg) zoning map 18 as the commonwealth waters green zone joins MNP12 at the northern end in case you get weather that allows you to travel north of the island.

    Depending on how long you intend to stay up there, the 500 metre buffer strip out from the beach becomes a go slow zone from 15 October through to 30 April.

    Under the right weather conditions, your 4 metre tinny and 25 hp motor will get you to plenty of fishable spots west of the spit. At this time of the year, you will be more likely to encounter pelagics in the area - tailor, school and spanish mackerel, queenies, trevally, cobia etc. The no take area for spanish mackerel is actually from Roonies point south to Coongul Point so if you do get a spanish up there its up to you to decide whether to keep it or not. I have eaten plenty of school sized spanish from there with no issues. We were up there a couple of weeks ago. The track around Waddy to Orchard Beach was really bad as was Ngkala Rocks. Have fun.


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    Fraser island

    Quote Originally Posted by banshee View Post
    I thought Spanish from that area were considered toxic?
    I canít comment on fish from the tip, but can say the guys that caught them were all lively 2 days later.

    I have eaten 15kg model taken off the eastern beach, north of waddy. All ok, and seems to be quite a few taken now from the beach. I would be probably testing some first if they were much bigger.

    I will have to look into the reference re no take from the west coast Roonies area. I had never heard of that, but then have never fished that area either.

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