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    Re: 12" Chartplotters options

    Either or but I would be sticking with Furuno for offshore use. You can either use the sounder built into the MFD or fit something like a 588 or if you want better again the 295. It all depends on what sort of performance you want (even an entry level FCV628 will do 150m without really breaking a sweat), what screen size you want and of course what budget you wish to set. About the only time I would be recommending anything vastly different is if you intend installing it where it's going to get drowned. The commercial grade Furuno stuff especially is not water proof.

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    Re: 12" Chartplotters options

    Would like to see what I can get for budget of about 8k including installation.
    Originally thinking Garmin 8412xsv but now who knows.
    Sounder will not get wet as boat will(should be a HT)
    Raymarine sound unreal
    Furuno 3d sound unbelievable
    Simrad will have a new unit next year (maybe Evo 4)
    I will want to add a radar in the future
    Bloody complicated decision
    Also the mapping is important to me as well. Have been reading bad reviews on the Garmin maps but unsure if or how accurate these are?

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    Re: 12" Chartplotters options

    At that budget you will struggle for Furuno. 3D module with transom transducer alone is about $5.5K and you still need to add the MFD/s (another $4.5K each) , probably an external GPS antenna ($700 odd), a traditional 2D transducer (sky's the limit) and the relevant NMEA network. It's great gear but it's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Garmin would be my next pick but depending on what sort of depth capability you are after, something like a 588 may still be a consideration. Unless your OCD is kicking in there is no rule that says everything must be the same brand. I did a LOT of installs in my time in the industry where dash layouts consisted of multiple brands because company A made a better sounder but their GPS was over complicated or had average charting. Another thing to note - "better" - is a subjective term. Having made a living for a lot of years out of trying to teach people to push buttons has led me to pretty much detest gear that requires a million key stokes or otherwise to perform basic functions. Products like the 588 may well seem antiquated and light on with features but partly due to this they are quick and easy to remember how to use when you are hitting the water for the first time in several months and allow you to spend a bit more of your day fishing rather than pushing buttons. The things just work as far as offshore fishing is concerned (depth requirements dependant of course). Other brands can give decent pictures as well but usually require a bigger spend on transducers for day to day stuff - once you start talking specialist stuff like deep drop though all bets are off on transducer cost.

    Go and have a play with a few units - don't get carried away with the glossies telling you about all the wizz bang things that the various units can do so much. Make yourself a list of all the day to day stuff - changing ranges, adding waypoints, entering waypoint names, changing sensitivity settings, setting up zooms or using shift to set a range window. Not all units are created equal in this regard and some can make day to day stuff a bit of grind.

    From a personal perspective - I run a 627 as it fitted under the windscreen at the time to keep it dry ( It will be a larger screen next time but still only a 600 watt unit unless I develop a passion for deep dropping) . My current consortium of GPS systems consists of a Lowrance (primarily for NMEA2000), a Furuno that came with the boat (combo unit with the sounder disabled) and a PC based system. At some stage the Lowrance will be replaced with most likely a Garmin that incorporates a radar - would go Furuno but cost of their scanner alone covers the entire Garmin set up.

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    Re: 12" Chartplotters options

    Thanks. I have used smaller lowrance fish finders before elite 5xchirp was pretty decent for what I needed.
    Now I'm updating I do want to deep drop and offshore troll. Sounds cliche but I need an all rounder or as close as I can get to one with good readable charts and future proof (add radar ect). I think the furuno at the price you mentioned may be a bit too much of a stretch.

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    Re: 12" Chartplotters options

    Yeah they aren't cheap. Once you start talking deep drop, transducer selection becomes pretty important. Do your homework and try to get a look at some on water photos with various transducers at the sort of depths you wish to work. Avoid anything that has a "wide" in it's model. You will need to be looking at least at 1kw mid or low frequency options IMO.

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