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    Deckhand work Sydney

    Hi guys,
    Iím considering doing a deckhand course. I would like to work part time or casual weekdays or weeknights. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is much work in Sydney for someone just starting out? As long as I could consistently get 20 hours per week I would be happy. Would love to work on the harbour on the ferries actually. Any insider input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    I kind of doubt getting a job on the ferries would be easy, but, do the deck hands course first and see how you go, might be able to pick up some work on charter boats to get experience.

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    I heard down the grape vine there are 700,000 unemployed with 90,000 jobs available, rr if your currently employed keep ya job mate its suppose to be every man fighting for a job these days i often get asked if i know of anyone offering jobs

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    Hi Gazza thanks for the info mate. Man thatís really sad to hear. I got made redundant from another field 3 years ago and then the mrs got sick. Spent years looking after her and that has put me in a bad financial situation. So yeah I wanted to make sure I could find work if needed. Sounds like itís gonna not work out that way

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    On the upside,, there is still 90000 jobs available.. Go for it.. Too many people tend to concentrate on the negative.. Don't be one of them n I almost guarantee you will get a job..

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    I was once told by a job network employee thru centrelink for every 1 job that is listed there are 9 jobs that are not listed and u get those jobs by door knocking, i donno if thats the truth or just to motivate the unemployed..

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    Re: Deckhand work Sydney

    theres jobs but your going to have to move and follow the work.
    charter boats will give you some experience but its seasonal and wont be Sydney based

    there are tonnes of jobs out there, centerlink isn't the place you will find them
    they are paying traffic controllers ie lollypop stop sign guys $80 k on the railway atm
    but again will have to move and work shift work

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