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    Diesel Territory vs. Pajero

    Hey all,

    Iíve finally got a bigger boat, but now I need to buy a bigger vehicle to lug it around.

    The boat lives in a Marina, so I only tow it a few times a year. But when I do tow, there 3+ Hour trips (some as long as 7 hours each way).

    The BMT weight is about 2100kg loaded. Iím wondering whether an AWD Diesel Ford Territory would cut the mustard, or if Iíd need to go for something like a 4WD Pajero?

    Iíve got about $20k to spend, give or take.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Diesel Territory vs. Pajero

    cant go wrong with either, two tonne is no biggie, i hear the 3.8 pajero is the pick and the "terry" will pull okay too. only thing is i pulled a 2 tonne boat with a terry once and felt the arse end was bullied a little bit by the boat. the pajero would have the better platform. like how do they say "full ladder chasis" something to that effect. what ever you get dont knock back the comfort level you'll need to haul for those long trips.
    Pajero has better pedigree.

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    Re: Diesel Territory vs. Pajero

    The Territory's are suppose to tow really well my brother has a petrol model territory he paid like 38k for it new i was offered it for 400 dollars because my little nephew trashed it, Cat that sway in the rear end may have been the bushing in the center of the diff they wear out the one on my brothers car is cactus all torn apart

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    Re: Diesel Territory vs. Pajero

    I had an ns pajero with the did engine and it was a great tow vehicle. A little noisy but never failed me in the 10 years I owned it..

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    Re: Diesel Territory vs. Pajero

    If it doesnt have a rear axle like my commodore when u put weight on the back the tyres angle outwards and u get lots of wear. Also enhances the tail walking the dog feeling

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