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Thread: 18ft sharkcat

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    Re: 18ft sharkcat

    Ended up buying the v19c I hope it's a great boat

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    Re: 18ft sharkcat

    Any pics? Are u getting it rebuilt?

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    Re: 18ft sharkcat

    Hope you enjoy your new boat.
    As for cats in a following sea, they are immensely safer than a mono. Far less prone to broaching. They tend to keep straight when a mono tends to track sideways.

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    Re: 18ft sharkcat

    Congrats on the V19C , i think you will find that hull will carve up the tweed bar, very nice looking vessel that you can manage for those solo missions. ive never seen any other hull be so slippery in the water than a haines hunter. i would always watch these two old guys cmon home thru the entrance in a hull like yours . whoosh whoosh

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