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Thread: Hardtop upgrade.

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    Hardtop upgrade.

    Finally got clears finished and electric anchor on. Nearly ready to hit the road north.sorry about the pic orientation.
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    Re: Hardtop upgrade.

    Looks great - where did you get the hard top done - I have my boat striped down for painting at the moment but would love a hard top whem I put it back together

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    Re: Hardtop upgrade.

    Did it all myself except for the clears.

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    Re: Hardtop upgrade.

    OK - great work! What did you build it out of?

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    Re: Hardtop upgrade.


    the hardtop looks good

    can you give some details on the bow mounted electric motor - eg shaft length, thrust. make - spot lock? and a photo or 2 on how it is mounted.


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