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Thread: Navionics Android Mobile App

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    Navionics Android Mobile App

    I have the navionics Aust & New Zealand Android App on my phone which i can only occasionally access now as it asks me to log in and then wont accept log in details ??..
    Downloaded the later Australian and lakes App which gives you two weeks free subscription then its supposedly going to cost i think a yearly subscription??.
    The previouse app was paid for some time back and they say they are going to discontinue this one will have to go to the later Aust and Lakes App and i amm supposing will from then on pay on a yearly basis ??..
    Would anyone be clues up regarding this App ??..

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    Re: Navionics Android Mobile App

    You can just bypass the new log in request and use the app as originally installed, just no updates / shared data until you create a log in... I don't think there is a subscription?? It was the most expensive app I ever bought!

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    Re: Navionics Android Mobile App

    The latest ones arent all that cheap either , two weeks free and then cough up ..
    But a handy App if your out with someone and come over a good spot , or carry some of your marks when you go with someone to put them on new fish ground.
    Mindyou you have to be willing to part with Data.

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