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Thread: unknown creek

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    unknown creek


    has any one fished the creek beside the houghton highway at sandgate near the start of the bridge on the left hand side. i cant find any info or even a name of the creek any where.



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    Re: unknown creek

    I've seen boats go in there but you would needed to know where the channel is (or be prepared to carve your own) because it is very shallow

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    Re: unknown creek

    Hayes Inlet?
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    Re: unknown creek

    I think I had a look at that last week, where it runs into the Pine. There's a fire pit and rubbish lying around. It's a narrow little bugger for sure, and to even get a kayak into it you'd need half tide, if it's the same one.

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    Re: unknown creek

    It's called Bald Hills Creek.

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    Re: unknown creek

    Yeah I think that is the one I have never heard of any fishing reports out of there so was keen to know so you reckon to shallow for a 3.8 m tinny

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    Re: unknown creek

    Too small and shallow to be navigable.
    It runs behind where Sandersons boat hire was.
    It is not Bald Hills Creek. That is 600m towards Dohles Rocks.
    Fished it wading up the creek 20 years ago, caught one small flatty and 3 bream from memory.

    It is not really worth exploring for fishing but it does hold some mudcrabs.

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