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    Iluka Fishing next week

    Seriously thinking of getting away for a few days with mates from work. Coming from Kingscliff, so its iluka is easy done just a couple of hours away. We have gone from doing a 4wd to Moreton trip to a Yamba fishing trip (offshore) and staying in town. Been told the bar is fine but I dont really know anything else. I usually fish wide here off Tweed (36s and further) so after advice on the bar, best times to fish, best spots offshore, best ramp (glass boat)etc. It seems from fb for Iluka Bait shop that most catches are up toward woody point but open to suggestions if anyone can assist very appreciated

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    Re: Iluka Fishing next week

    How did you end up going?
    I am heading down there for the weekend, weather seems a bit all over the place but hoping to get outside at least one of the days.

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