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    Cray / Lobster fishing Harvey bay area

    This is something I have never tried, but am moving up to River heads and am looking at other seafood options.

    Has anyone tried using pots for Lobsters in the great sandy straight area?
    Everyone I have spoken to say to spear fish for them, but am looking at pots as the body isn't as fit as it once was.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's experience or advice in potting Crays/Lobster in Qld.

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    Re: Cray / Lobster fishing Harvey bay area

    Are pots even allowed in QLD? Never heard of anyone putting cray pots in.

    Grew up in WA where most crays were caught with pots.

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    Re: Cray / Lobster fishing Harvey bay area

    Painted crays are vegetarian, hence why they are not targeted with pots in QLD.
    That being said I have heard several times they do like a dark enclosed pot for a refuge and are intrigued by a central mirror mounted facing the entrance.
    Pretty easy to locate and wrestle on snorkel though.

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    Re: Cray / Lobster fishing Harvey bay area

    Yep crays in Queensland are are collect on snorkle proposition. The dark trap mentioned above apparently works but not quickly. I dived for them in my youth but much further north than Hervey Bay


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    Re: Cray / Lobster fishing Harvey bay area

    Thanks for the replies, I used to snorkel for them 30 years ago but figured as i was getting older, I would investigate other options.

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