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    Angry Don't come the Raw Prawn !

    I was gobsmacked to see imported raw prawns for sale in a Gold Coast retail seafood outlet.

    Given the recent White Spot Disease outbreak and the massive cost to clean it up, I would have thought this practice should be banned.

    Unsure of the country of origin, due to no labeling, but !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next........ like who would pay $53.99 / kg for any prawn of any description ?

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    Re: Don't come the Raw Prawn !

    I think I read during the outbreak (but I could be wrong) that processed prawns (peeled) were OK, they do "things" to them when they are peeled, probably add some toxic waste? I don't really know, I do agree though, piss off any raw imported prawns entirely.

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    Re: Don't come the Raw Prawn !

    The same thing has happened in WA, importers have used there rules there to import green prawn and they have a white spot problem now as well, you would think that they would have learnt from the Logan river out break, but no know has learnt anything.

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