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    Camp Shower-What do you use?

    H All,

    after some advise pls. Planning a 5 day beach camping trip with the family and need to arrange a shower. There are no facilities here so also looking at some sort of toilet option, not that keen to put a toilet in the Pado after 5 days of use...

    what at do you use to shower when camping if there are no facilities? Not to fussed about hot water. Cold showers are fine.


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    Re: Camp Shower-What do you use?

    canvas bucket shower is all you need.....can boil the kettle if it's too cold.
    Plenty of privy tents out there.

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    Re: Camp Shower-What do you use?

    We used the cheap $20 shower bags you can get from the major chain that I donít think Iím aloud to say (fcb) see what I did there😁. We found that 20l bags was enough for each person. 2 adults and two kids. The key for us was to shower by 4pm or it was pointless. We sat our shower bags on roof of the land rover defender through the day. This included areas of Gippsland Victoria and worked a treat.
    i personally still use these when fishing overnight leaving them on the targa top. Again the key is to wash up before nightfall.

    As for the number 2ís shovel, bury and forget.😂

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