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Thread: Lowrance Hook 9

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    Lowrance Hook 9

    Hi guys wanting to know if their is a Local Lowrance repairer or someone who knows a bit about the hook 9 I am having issues where the damn thing goes back to the start up stage whilst travelling so that all my active track is lost getting frustrated with this unit Please no answers like the problem is it is a hook 9 hope to resolve this issue soon as many thanks in advance

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    Re: Lowrance Hook 9

    You could try saving all your waypoints to a card and doing a factory reset if you can.

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    Re: Lowrance Hook 9

    It sounds like it may be losing power, possible you have a loose power wire there. Needs some investigation.
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    Re: Lowrance Hook 9

    Looks like your not the only one the elites were doing it too ,software issue.

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    Re: Lowrance Hook 9

    Thanks moonlighter will check the power issue first . Chris 69 have done a factory reset and still having same issue will try to delve in a bit deeper thank you both for your replies

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