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Thread: cape York adventure on youtube

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    cape York adventure on youtube

    . found this on youtube there's 4 vids what a great adventure I hope the link works.

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    Re: cape York adventure on youtube

    those teeth at the start, holy what a crack up, nah great video one of the best ive seen , big trip , bigger fish and beautiful scenery, nicely edited, but arent their like crocodiles up that way and old mate is is feeding on oysters on the bank, ha ha brave man indeed but you guys get some nice fish up that . envy and the little inflatable on the roof, genius

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    Re: cape York adventure on youtube

    Yer I nearly did not watch it because of the beginning but as they move up the coast its gets better as it give everyone a good idea on how to do it because the fuel is the problem but with good planing its all possible, and those are the biggest black lipped oysters you will ever eat, iv been on Stanley island but wanted to see the rock art on flinders and now I've seen it with these guys.

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    Re: cape York adventure on youtube

    A trip like that would need careful planning, like you say fuel is a issue but charting the route north, so many unknowns reefs, reefs and reefs, sand shallows and what else goodness gracious, but you guys were cool as , some nice shot of the boat banging in the rough. also the one hand driving and other hand jiggin/trollin at the same time . classic

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