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Thread: Some Gold Coast Oddity

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    Some Gold Coast Oddity

    Headed out to the 36s with a mate yesterday looking for a feed of Pearlies and Snaps. Pearlies were on but only small Snaps - and they were pretty skinny too.

    Oh well, can't complain about a feed of Pearlies - has to be one of my favourite fish to eat.

    On a couple of drifts we had a dull bite on the line and a bit of weight and wound in a Flathead. Nice size - about 50cm or so - thought of it as a bonus as they are also good eating.

    One the same drift we caught another, then another , then another etc etc etc. We would have drifted 300 to 400 meters just pulling in Flathead. In 65m of water.

    There were a couple of big girls in the 70s, but mostly between 40 and 50 and a mix of both Dusky and Bartail species.

    I have caught the odd one deep of the coast and Fraser but never seen a big gathering like this before. Found it quite odd.

    Maybe we came across the Flathead version of Splendour in the Grass?

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    At the 50's up off the pin bar we used to regularly bag out on what I called "blue spot " flathead. Can't say I've ever caught a dusky out there though.

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    Could be Marbled.

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    Yes mate, I caught a Bartail flathead around 50cm at Wide Caloundra in 65m on Sunday.

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    Guess they must move out for breeding this time of year

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    We were out at the 36s on Sunday, 1 undersized pearly, 1 undersized squire and a 40cm Flatty, we were surprised as well a flatty in 65m of water .

    We haven't been to this area in 10years, lots of boats and didn't seem like anyone was reeling in anything.

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    Re: Some Gold Coast Oddity

    Probably marbled flathead as mentioned above.

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