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    Whale Advice

    Hi All, looking for a bit of whale advice. Got a visitor or 2 over the next fortnight, thinking we might give them a day on the water and go find some whales, normally i just hit the goldy for the day on such occasions and can find a few humpy's no worries. Was thinking i might give moreton a go this time, drop in at manly, run up the bay, do a bit of whale watching up around the cape (???), picninc at tangas on the way home. Having never really done much boating at all on the bay i was just looking to confirm that finding a whale or 3 up around the front of the cape somewhere shouldn't be a problem right? Is that where the moreton whale watching boats work mostly? Dont want to talk the big whale hunt up and then be a fizzer.

    Cheer's, Scott

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    Re: Whale Advice

    Head out front of Moreton island, launch from Scarborough (weather permitting) and follow the shipping channels (deeper water) and get out front of Moreton. Thatís where Iíve had success in whale watching. Will try and upload some photos.

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    Re: Whale Advice

    Yep the f&$kers are around the cape...

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    Re: Whale Advice

    PS no visitors allowed at tangas so forget that.... good burgers etc at Bulwer

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    Re: Whale Advice

    It's been like a plague off the cape.

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    Re: Whale Advice

    Thanks all, miight give it a run this weekend if the forecast holds.

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    Re: Whale Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Crunchy View Post
    PS no visitors allowed at tangas so forget that.... good burgers etc at Bulwer
    Been heaps of time for a feed and a beer, they've never not taken our money over the bar and I have never 'stayed' there. Though been more than a couple of years so may have changed, but I doubt it. It's all about money in the till !

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