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Thread: Elite ti2

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    Elite ti2

    I have a elite 9 ti2. I want to but an elite 7 ti2 and use as my gps unit.

    am finding it hard to see when splitting screens.

    I have read about bluetoothing the units. No cables to join them up.?

    What functions can i bluetooth?

    From what i can see is, marking waypoints?

    How about sonar readings?


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    Re: Elite ti2

    Interesting question, most combo units automatically detect if a transducer is attached and sonar is then displayed on the menu otherwise not. I would have thought Wi-Fi would have been used, Bluetooth while handy is not the most reliable, I have had more issues with Bluetooth over the years than anything else, in fact still having an issue with a brand new laptop, most things work but the mouse drops out regularly.

    Cheers Sam

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    Re: Elite ti2

    I've got one and use wifi to duplicate the screen on a tablet but as I understand it it will only duplicate what's on the original display.

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    Re: Elite ti2

    with ti2s and software update you can connect two units via Wifi to share data without any cables


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    Re: Elite ti2

    What are you feeding your mouse?

    It is like training other animals?
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Elite ti2

    Is that full sharing eg maps and sonar/transducers, or just data like can be shared over N2K?
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