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    Using GPS convert software

    So I'm new to converting software, apologies if I'm asking much repeated questions.
    What I want to do:
    Add marks that I have received in KML format to my existing marks, without having to manually add many marks individually onto my Simrad NSS Evo2.
    I'm not 100% sure what format the Simrad (NSS Evo2) reads KML ? GPX ? whatever other formats ?

    I've downloaded GPSBabel and it seems pretty easy to use, I've selected input file type and source name.
    The output file I've selected as GPX and it creates the file successfully.

    If I open up the gpx file in notepad (just to view the contents) I can see there is a heap of extra info like "source name" and "access type" and "description/desc" lines.

    I can see "name" and "comment" line which I guess would be providing each waypoint its name ?

    Do I need to filter/edit out all this extra info and just leave the lat/long and name lines ?

    Or will all the extra lines be ignored ?

    Also: when I want to save the file onto the Simrad microSD do I just add the new file in the root directory, or does the contents of the new file have to be added to an existing GPX/KML file ?


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    Re: Using GPS convert software

    Evo, don't know Simrad but you leave all that data in the GPX format as most of it is required somewhere along the line. Your unit will work out what it can use, notes, references etc, sometimes some info drops off. In the Garmin I just stick the SD card in once its booted up (I'm lazy about trying to find it in the menus)and it asks me what I want to do with it, this also worked with a mates Lowrance.

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    Re: Using GPS convert software

    Thanks Dignity

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