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    gold coast to fraser island

    hi everyone

    im just wanting any advise possible please

    im thinking of taking my boat a 28 ft bertram from the gold coast to fraser island in early november this year
    has any one done the trip before?
    im thinking of stoping at mooloolaba for a night then on to fraser for some fishing.
    does anyone know how long it may take?
    and any bar crossing advise for fraser island ive heard it can be tricky
    cheers guys

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    Re: gold coast to fraser island

    Got to be more specific mate. If you're offshore, then there's no bars. If you're coming into the straits then its wide bay bar. Fraser's a bloody big place!

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    Re: gold coast to fraser island

    There are groups that often do these trips, the Riviera Boats are currently doing their East Coast to Hayman Island trip and they left the Gold Coast about 2 weeks ago. There would be others as well. A lot depends on how you want to do it; come up inshore from Goldy or through the Seaway; pull in at Bribie on the way; a stop at Mooloolaba; cross at Tin Can Bay and motor up to Urangan or go around the top of Fraser and across the Breaksea and back to Urangan or into Bundaberg or further north. As CT says more info needed.

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    Re: gold coast to fraser island

    Coast guard tin can bay will escort you through the bar for a donation if you are unsure. Get onto them directly to organise.

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