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    Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    I was hoping to get some idea of the possibility of fishing Kurrimine Beach near Innisfail using a 12 foot car topper launched off the beach boat ramp. I would be only going offshore a couple of kilometers providing the wind was calm. There is a shallow reef in close to shore. I was planning to go in September I am hoping someone who has done this may be able to give me some hints.

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    Re: Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    You can walk to King Reef off Kurrimine when the tide is right. I grew up in that area and we fished "offshore" in a 12ft tinny regularly (come at me all you offshore boat defining pedants) Pick you weather, go in the morning and you will be fine. Eat a painted cray for me

    Cheers Matt

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    Re: Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    The creek behind has some nice grunter but be careful there are crocs ,I caught this and a number of others and some trevally on placcies there a couple of weeks ago. Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    Yep plenty of good estuary fishing to be had as an easy day trip both north and south of Kurrimine. And yes be croc safe


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    Re: Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    little marlin.jpg

    We caught this little guy "inshore" directly off Kurrimine whilst trolling back to Clump Point from Silver sands off the Barnard Islands...often get Spaniards and Longtail as well within Tinny distance of Kurrimine ...might also be a few straggler Spotties,doggies or Grey macks around during early September as well and a few Trout and Grassies around the inshore reefs and islands....

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    Re: Fishing Kurrimine Beach

    Are the winds likely to be favourable early September.

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