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    Cool Battery Combo - Suzuki DF140a + Deep Cycle.

    Hey Guys,

    Seeking opinions/ideas for a new start/deep cycle battery setup for my boat.

    It will be running a bep cluster with vsr with fairly low use electronics - icom vhf, bilge pump, deck wash, led lights and garmin 8412.

    i plan to run a 24v electric in the future but will install stand alone agm's up front which i will charge at home.

    Interested to know what batteries everyone is running...??

    Unsure on AGMs as the suzuki owners manual advises against maintenance free?


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    Re: Battery Combo - Suzuki DF140a + Deep Cycle.

    If you can afford it - 2 x optima D31M would be excellent - yes 2 x duel purpose ( cranking 900cca & deep cycling 75amp ) rather than a cranker & house battery (deep cycle) ……since you don't have high draw electronics - If you were running duel sounders , spot lights , live bait tanks for long periods then the second battery ideally would be a 100 amp AGM .
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