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Thread: Sounder combos

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    Sounder combos

    I'm looking to update my current electronics on my Formosa 520 CC. Currently I have a HDS 7 Gen 1, with Navionics card that I use for mapping (split to 2 screens - 1 zoomed in/1 zoomed out) & an Elite ti 7 that I mostly use as the sounder (total scan transducer) and connect to my Motorguide xi5 through the nmea2000 set-up. It's currently all working well. I do all my fishing in Hervey Bay - so mostly 5-20m with occasional outings to the Gutters, etc of about 40m. I do use the track-back and 'go to cursor' option a lot with the xi5.

    My initial thoughts were to upgrade to a HDS Live 12 & keep the existing HDS Gen 1 as I do prefer the navionics card through the HDS more than the basic mapping supplied in the Elite 7 - shows more detail and the colours for depths is easier on the eye. This would give me the 3 in 1 active imaging and enhanced side view/down scan, etc - a nice big screen and the one touch keys, links to xi5, etc. Near on $4000 is a lot of coin though. If I went the HDS Live 9 at $2800 I start to question it's worth over the option below. I find the durability of previous HDS units being great - hence the Gen 1 currently on is of 2009 era.

    Another option is, 2 x Elite ti2 9" screens, side-by-side. This would still allow for the xi5 link, greater flexibility for screen combos and ultimately 2 good size screens, still with 3 in 1 active imaging. They would link together through wifi (making GPS point transfer a lot easier - currently I need to enter into both units, hence miss a few as I forget when out and about). I could invest in a navionics card to upgrade the mapping, about $300, bringing the total to about $3100. Concerns: is the HDS Live so much clearer than the Elite ti2 and worth the massive price increase? At the moment, I'm thinking this might be the best value for money option, but at the same time I don't want to spend what is still a considerable amount and be disappointed - wishing I'd gone the HDS Live or one of the options below.

    Other options I've looked into are: Garmin 8410 xsv & panoptix set-up. Looks a solid set-up - but expensive - and I would lose the track-back and 'go to cursor' options that I currently enjoy. Unless I kept the Elite 7 and get another transducer bracket welded on - not even sure if I could do this as the Garmin would need 2 transducers on its own?

    Humminbird Solix 12 - again, looks a really good combo - more expensive than the HDS Live - again, not sure if the benefits outweigh the costs.

    Raymarine Axiom 12 - includes 3D and quad processor. Looks another great unit - being a couple of years old now (according to my youtube research!) - would the 3 in 1 active imaging be clearer, as it's more recent technology?

    Not interested in radar or autopilot or any of that gear on this boat so haven't given much of a look into Simrad and I don't fish deep enough to get the benefits that Furuno seem to offer.

    I'm hoping to get many years service from which ever option is chosen. Thoughts from those more wise?

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    Re: Sounder combos

    Be looking around myself Hazza and the best way it to go and play with all the brands and see for your self I do know that the display screens always look better in the shop than on the water sometimes but that comes down to how its tuned on the boat and transducer set up,i do like the Axion thought if you have the money but after playing with the elite Ti2 I thought it was good bang for the buck.

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    Re: Sounder combos


    Rather than the Axiom have a look at the Element - apparently built for fishing - no Radar no auto pilot - but 3D and Hypervision

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    Re: Sounder combos

    pretty hard to go past the hds units for in the bay type work in my view but then of course thats what i use so am biased - but offshore different matter

    the good ole hds gen 1 is a ok unit but now very dated i also have one that i did use as a map unit - does the job but does not like the new navionics new cards i dont belive as cards are too big capacity or so i have been told

    i also have a gen 2 touch in hds 7, a gen 3 in hds 9, and carbon in a hds 7, linked to 3d stucture scan and with both a totalscan and 3 d transducers on the boat and thats what i use mostly now days with the gen2 touch being usually just the map unit - personally i am happy with the 9 size but then i would have trouble mounting a 12 or 16 on my boat and the price for when the current model is ridiculous - soi always buy as well as i can when they are superseded which basically happens every year or so now

    ps whatever you choose to go with the next week there will be a newer n better model in something available

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    Re: Sounder combos

    I took both replies on board and headed out to have another look at all units in person. I think I've dropped a few off the list: top of the list is now HDS Live 12 - just looking more into mapping.

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    Re: Sounder combos

    took both replies on board and headed out to have another look at all units in person. I think I've dropped a few off the list: top of the list is now HDS Live 12 - just looking more into mapping.
    I also looked at the HDS Live 12 today and also at the top of my list

    Whilst it has C Map it will take a Navionics card

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    Re: Sounder combos

    Navionics is pretty good. Keep an eye out for new G3 mapping from garmin with Navionics data inbedded,
    Humminbirds Autochart live system is the best DIY mapping system with hardness and vegetation layers

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    Re: Sounder combos

    Hi Moose do you know when the G3 will be available

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    Re: Sounder combos

    Quote Originally Posted by DATCOL View Post
    Hi Moose do you know when the G3 will be available
    we are being told Q4 this year

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